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If you are experiencing database errors, performance issues and other unexpected problems your Anti-Virus program may not be properly configured. Make SURE you use only ONE Anti-Virus program otherwise you might have a very instable system. Your AV program must support Folder / Directory exclusions in order to be compatible with Plexis POS and many other database intensive applications.

If you are running an AV that does NOT allow you to configure Folder and Directory Exclusions you must replace it otherwise the Point of Sale Software Databases will not be stable and you may encounter errors and lockups. Many of the FREE AV programs bundled with new computers from vendors other than Microsoft will not allow you to modify the settings to allow for Folder Exclusions.

Windows 10, 8, 7 Typical Anti-Virus Configuration:
1. Open your Anti-Virus configuration and select Exclude Files and Locations.
2. Browse to C:/Program Files/POS 30 and select it.
3. Browse to C:/Program Files/Common Files/Borland Shared and select it.
4. Click ADD, then SAVE CHANGES.
** If successful you will see the exclusions added to the list.

* Consult with qualified computer experts, Microsoft or our Voice Support Department should you require assistance.

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