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Upgrading your discontinued Plexis POS Data Version 2.8 or earlier to the current Version.

Check to see if any major changes to the new version will adversely affect your business operations.
If you are unsure of the addition or removal of any functionality contact Plexis POS prior to upgrading your software.
Click HERE for important information on the changes that were made in the new version.

If you wish to proceed with the upgrade carefully follow these steps in EXACT order:
1. DO NOT Uninstall Plexis POS from your old computer. If your software is more than one year old you may be required to purchase an upgrade license. Failure to comply with this step may require you to purchase a new license at full retail. Contact us first if you are unsure of your license status.

2. Archive your invoices. If you keep a maximum of 13 months of detailed data or even better 3 months or less the update will process quickly. If you do not archive the update to take many hours up to several days to complete depending on how many invoices are active. The Archive utility is found in the A/R module under the Invoices Tab.

3. Download the latest Plexis POS Program Installer.
Click HERE for the Latest Version Download

4. Exit Plexis POS completely out to Windows.

5. If you are running a Network Version of Plexis POS shut down the BT License Server and ALL Terminals using Plexis POS.

6. If you are running a PcCharge shut down PcCharge completely.

7. If running the Plexis Caller ID Server, Price Checker or any other application accessing the Plexis POS databases shut all
of those down completely.

8. Install the CURRENT version of Plexis POS by executing the installer file that was just downloaded into the DEFAULT folder the installer provides. * DO NOT START PLEXIS POS at this time!
9. Browse to your older existing Plexis POS version folder.
(i.e. c:\Plexis POS 28)

10. COPY (do not not cut!) 6 files USERS.DBF, USERS.MDX, USERPREF.DBF, USERPREF.MDX, CLIENT.DBF, CLIENT.MDX from the root of the Plexis POS 2.8 folder. Paste those 6 files into the root of the CURRENT version. (i.e. C:\Program Files\POS 29)

11. COPY (do not not cut!) the entire company folder that contains your LIVE data. (i.e. c:\Plexis POS 28\MyCompany)

12. PASTE that entire live data folder to the root of the CURRENT version. (i.e. C:\Program Files\POS 29\) onto the hard drive that was just updated. Repeat steps 10, 11 and 12 for each company folder if you have multiple companies.

13. PRIOR to starting Plexis POS, from EACH folder you copied delete all of the following files:  menus.dbf, menus.mdx, tpanel3.dbf, tpanel3.mdx, tpcat.dbf, tpcat.mdx, salesid.dbf, salesid.mdx, empsec.dbf, empsec.mdx. If you miss any of the files the upgrade will fail.

14. Start Plexis POS a file rebuild will occur and then the program will exit.

15. There may have been many changes to the setup tabs and you will need to visit each and every setup tab to configure your system.

* You will need to Re-Assign Inventory Touch Screen Buttons and Add Employees / Sales Staff.
Update / Upgrade Policy:
1. If your existing Plexis Software version is more than one year old you may need to purchase an upgrade license.
2. Contact us by eMail to verify your license status prior to installing an update or upgrade.
3. Customers installing and using free updates do so at thier own risk.
4. Free updates and upgrades are provided as a courtesy service only.
5. Updating or Upgrading does not include any free technical support.
6. Backup your system prior to installing any updates or upgrades.
7. Perform updates and upgrades during our normal business hours in case of difficulty.