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1. After scanning a barcode I can see it in the Scan Window but the software does not add the item to the sale.
2. After scanning a barcode I have to press the Enter Key to add the item to the sale.
3. After scanning a barcode nothing appears in the Plexis POS Scan Window.

Answer for #1 and #2 above:
Your Scanner needs to have an End of Data Terminator. Typically this would be an ASCII 13 [CR] at the end of the data line. This is required because incoming data can be variable in length and Plexis POS needs to know when to send the data to your computer. Most Barcode Scanners are already programmed this way but if required your hardware might need to be properly configured manually. Some scanners use a software utility for this purpose while others have hardware switch settings.

Incoming Data Example: 01234567890[CR]

Run the configuration utility for your scanner to add the required ASCII 13 [CR] as a line terminator or Post Amble. Contact your hardware supplier should you require assistance in running or obtaining this utility or to set hardware switch settings.

Answer for #3 above:
Run Windows Notepad, place the cursor in the blank area. Scan any item. If no data is shown in Notepad your scanner is not connected or communicating with Windows. This is a hardware or driver issue. Contact your hardware supplier should you require assistance with installing and configuring your scanner to work with Windows.

Note :
Plexis Software Systems does not sell or support computer systems, networks POS Peripherals or any other hardware.
We can provide support for our software applications only.
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