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It might be possible to obtain a FREE license transfer of your license key from one computer to another
computer under the following conditions and within the first year of your initial purchase:

1. Connect the computer that currently has the fully activated Plexis POS software running on it to an Internet Broadband
    connection and log into http://Plexis POS.com  BEFORE you place a call to us.
2. Call our SALES Department during our normal business hours. We will log in remotely then bring up your Plexis POS software
    and remove the license key from your OLD machine. We must SEE your Activated Serial Number from the machine that we will
    be transferring the license key FROM.
3. After removing the license key you then can go on-line and re-activate your product on any machine of your choice.
    Removing the license key will not destroy or alter your data in any way.
We can not provide FREE license transfers if:
A. It has been more than one year from your original purchase date.
B. We can not remove or verify the removal your old license key.
C. You have sold or closed your business and want to use the license in a different business.
D. We can not verify your software license proof of purchase, name or identity.
E. If your account has a past due balance, has abused our polices or perpetrated fraudulent activity.
You can not get a FREE RE-Activation code if:
1. It has been more than one year from your original purchase date.
2. We can not remove or verify the removal your old license key.
3. You have replaced the hard drive or have reloaded Windows on your computer.
4. Your computer is lost, stolen, damaged or has failed.
5. Your product or product version has been discontinued.
6. Other restrictions may apply, please see our full license policy under Help, License Agreement in your program.

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